Book exchanges: The flat broke bookworm’s best friend

31 Oct

Last night, I bought $77  in books.

I only paid$12.

Book exchanges and used bookstores, my impoverished friends, are the impoverished bookworm nerd’s best friend. One of the first things to be cut or eliminated from budgets when the economy is in the tank is entertainment. I personally just cut off my HBO, Showtime, any other movie channels and even my “family tier” that have those really cool documentaries. The extra Discovery Channels and BBC were part of this, and they had to go. This was just when I heard of “Torchwood” and thought it was a show I could dig.

But I had to find a way to dig my way out of the poor house first — or at least find a way to pay for something besides generic Special K for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No joke. I have actually survived on that for a few days, here as of late. I was thisclose to insanity — even more than I already am!

While visiting a dear friend in Louisville, Ky. (FREE LODGING IN A LARGER, COOLER CITY!), I made sure to also visit Book and Music Exchange on Bardstown Road. This place basically has everything your heart would desire in the name of entertainment — books, music on CDs and old LPs, DVDs… everything. They’re also known to carry items that haven’t been on the market long at all, like the TV on DVD set of “30 Rock” that came out just more than a month ago.

The only difference between this place and your entertainment megastore is that everything here is used, but a good portion is barely used. But unless there are pages torn out of books or scratches all over DVDs, you still get the same good read or fun movie night — SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.

Besides two hardcover books and one of those larger paperbacks that are generally more expensive (The latter was free. There was a “Buy two, get one free” sale.), I managed to get a “Courtroom Collection” set of DVD movies based on John Grisham novels. I’m a HUGE John Grisham fan. This set of four movies was $20. has it listed for about $35, marked down from about $40. By the way, this collection just came out this year. The set was in perfect condition.

I could have also purchased four more Grishams (or whatever other author’s books I wanted), four for $10 in paperbacks. I just had to watch my money. One danger about bargain stores of any kind is that you often see a bargain here, a bargain there, a bargain everywhere — and you wipe out your bank account! Some bargain, huh?

Just  because you’re broke doesn’t mean you have to be bored to tears.


One Response to “Book exchanges: The flat broke bookworm’s best friend”

  1. Newlywed & Unemployed December 9, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

    Good point about making good use of used book stores. Back before I got fired, my husband traded in a shload of books, earning us $118 in store credit! Granted, it was at a book store in the town where I worked so it’d be more convenient for me, but now when I’m in town for other errands, I make sure to go and load up. I resist spending money on books at Amazon or Borders, knowing I have “free money” waiting for me elsewhere.

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