Seventh Day of Flat Broke Christmas: Cheap (and fun) board games

20 Nov

This is a classic. Classics never go out of style. Stick with classics.

On the seventh day of Christmas, Flat Broke Blog gave to me: Cheap and fun board games!

When people cut their budgets, one of the first items to be scrapped is entertainment. Who is going to pay $10 per person every weekend to go to the movies when they’re having to cut the food budget?

But there are ways to stay amused without major costs — for gift givers and receivers.

Board games used to be the “lame” thing teenagers dreaded to play on “family fun nights” with their parents. But wisdom comes with age. My friends and I are near, at or just over 30. Most of us have grown weary of roaming the streets at 4 a.m. One of the last times I visited one of my best friends in Louisville, Ky., we hung out until midnight — playing Scrabble in his kitchen.

A good game could do more than amuse your recipient and their friends/family. It could also save THEM money, too. Instead of going out and burning gas and lots of money, they could have a fun night in for much less.

These games have now expanded to include something for practically everyone’s tastes and budgets. Yes, there are some “special edition” games that are totally outrageous. But you can still buy a fun game for about $15-$20 — even less. Old school Monopoly is on sale on Wal-Mart’s web site for $10.

The best rule of thumb is sticking with classics, like Scrabble, Monopoly, etc. These games have stood the test of time, and they’re generally popular with people of all ages. But you can tap into niches, too. For that teenager who believes board games are “lame”, how about the Twilight or New Moon board games? Wal-Mart has them both priced for less than $20. If this is now on your list, I would suggest you buy it quickly!

Do you need something even cheaper? How about a deck of cards? Those may set you back $1-2, and how many different games could someone play with that?

Keeping track:

One name draw and price limit

Two wads of cash

Three people asking me what I’d like

Four gas cards

Five personal assistants

Six warm, cozy things

Seven cheap, fun board games…

Coming tomorrow: The eighth day of Flat Broke Christmas!


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