My sinuses are clogged, as well as my brain. Forgive me!

18 Jan

OK. I hate having to do this again, but I wound up having to go on another sudden hiatus here!

Thanks to our lovely snowstorm — with snow that STILL hasn’t gone away yet — I have been literally battling borderline pneumonia. Your pants tend to get wet when you’re in snow higher than your knees. Even when you get indoors ASAP and change clothes, you can apparently get sick. I thought it was just a really, really bad cold or sinus infection. Wrong. Like this wretched snow, this thing I have isn’t going away any time soon.

Did I mention all I’ve had to spend on medication, four boxes of tissues, cough drops — on top of what I’m having to spend with this whole car mess?! I hate to whine, but I’m feeling like that guy in “The Great Outdoors” who was struck by lightning 66 times.

Or maybe I feel more like this woman…

I do have an update with at least some (and MAJOR) good news on my front, and I believe so many can learn a lesson or two from it. I just had to celebrate this major milestone by curling up on the couch, watching the “Mean Girls” DVD I bought for five bucks and hitting this really trippy cough syrup. My doctor warned me not to do ANYTHING after taking it — driving, working, walking, whatever. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but bear with me. I’m also still in the middle of a lot of stuff at the writing gig that pays most of the bills. In my line of work, we don’t get a day off if Mother Nature hell breaks loose. All hell breaks loose on our front, too!

Anyway, I’ll be working to keep my train rolling as much as I can! Just bear with me. Pretty please?


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