OK. So it’s been a LONG while…

21 Apr

Yes. It has been a month. I know.

I know I’m once again sounding like a broken record, but it’s been next to impossible to get my laundry done — much less update here. I’ve had to be rather creative to find time to shower and eat.

As you may have heard, our state lost 29 coal miners April 5. It’s been hell over here in all senses of the word. Given my job, I haven’t had much time to think and reflect because I’ve been running like a chicken with its head cut off. But during the few down moments, like when I was staring down the mine while standing in the mud beside Coal River, I sit and think about how those families were suffering and how lucky I was that day. My father works in the coal industry, too. He doesn’t work underground, but surface mining isn’t the safest thing in the world, either. This whole thing has just grabbed West Virginians’ hearts with a death grip, and while the entire world is watching. If you’re a West Virginian, you’re tied to the coal industry somehow. My dad didn’t work in the industry while I was growing up, but so many of my friends’ fathers (and now, friends) were working in it. Let’s also not forget that it’s the backbone of our state’s economy.

So, thankfully, I’ve had a break here as of late, and I had one seriously major escape Monday night. My next post that’s in the words right now is directly tied to the situation that led me to write this blog, but it’s mainly a tribute to the group that made that escape possible. Have you ever heard of a band called Alice in Chains? Yeah, I hear they’re getting to be very popular. They’ll make it big, I’m sure 😉

I’m normally upbeat or sarcastic here, but I need to get serious for a bit. Things just haven’t been very light-hearted as of late, and I hope you all can understand that.

Thanks, and from the traffic that’s come through here, I see that you all have hung on. To my few, but growing, and faithful readership: Please accept my apologies, and I hope you can open your hearts and minds to my serious turns as well as my bizarre ones.


One Response to “OK. So it’s been a LONG while…”

  1. 2berrys April 21, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Completely understand. We’re here…

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