What a difference a week makes!

3 Dec

I know I had talked about doing a consignment store piece on Twitter, but tonight, I’m in such a major daze that I didn’t want to just slap something together on an entry like that. Today marks the one-week anniversary of my being thrown onto the cheese line and restarting this blog, and oh what a difference a week can make!

One week ago yesterday morning, I was another supposedly secure bureaucrat getting for another day in her walled-in cubicle. Ever heard the awesome Alice in Chains song “Man in the Box”? Yeah, I gave that song a whole new meaning. Before I could have my usual lunch at a nearby Indian buffet, I was carrying all of my belongings to the parking garage and headed home to a seriously uncertain future. I spent the entire day either crying, fighting the migraine from hell, or in bed because I just didn’t want to face anything this world had to offer.

Even then, I knew I had to take action. Fast-forward to today, and I have a stringer gig, the upcoming VISTA gig, today’s job interview, another job interview I have to schedule tomorrow, another stringer story to do tomorrow…. Whoa! I’m still sitting here quite often, having to stop myself and recount all I have to do or that’s coming around the bend. Whoever wants to peg the unemployed as lazy and unproductive is seriously wrong. Well, I just know it hasn’t been a time for me to lie on the couch and eat Cheetos.

I guess the lesson to be learned here, folks, is to never, ever let a time of personal crisis be a time for you to simply lose your head. It’s also not a time to just lie down and die. If you think about it, those who are against you WANT you to lose your head. They WANT you to lie down and die. Do you let them win? Hell no.

Current music: Alice in Chains, “Man in the Box”; Alice in Chains, “Sunshine”; Drain STH, “Stench”


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