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Scored a part-time gig!

7 Dec

Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to land a part-time seasonal retail job. It’ll only be temporary, and it’ll be a fraction of what I made before, but it’ll be something. I’m very, very grateful right now to have this.

Oh yeah, I’ll be working with music and movies 🙂 That’s a plus.

Tomorrow: Mandatory pre-employment drug test. This could inspire a new post.


Fortune has smiled on me again

29 Nov

I can’t believe I’m saying this for the SECOND time this week, but I truly believe it’s the example of God opening a new door once another one closes. It’s just that the man upstairs has given me yet another amazing opportunity.

In February, I’ll be taking off to Atlanta for training with the AmeriCorps VISTA program. After that, I’ll relocate to a rural area in West Virginia to work in community development, helping people with housing and job training to get back on their feet when they really need the help. I am thrilled to have this opportunity because, I’m sure you can figure out with the fact that I write this blog, I’m all about people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and helping them find ways to do it.

I won’t be making much money with this venture — at all. But you know what, the experience I’ll gain with this will be both personally rewarding and rewarding for my career, too. I can’t wait to get started! Of course, I’ll still be keeping my dollar stores, consignment stores, and free stuff flowing for your enjoyment. I love having my blog back too much to let it go.

I’d like to thank a special friend of mine, again, for being my angel on Earth. She and I will be working together at this site, and she personally advocated for me. Her boss then did the same. I hope that all of you have a friend like her. She’s truly, truly amazing.