Fifth Day of Flat Broke Christmas: Assistant for a day

18 Nov
Personal assistant

Couldn't we all use one of these? How about being this for that special person in your life?

On the fifth day of Christmas, Flat Broke Blog gave to me: A personal assistant for the day!

Every Hollywood celebrity or everyone who believes they are one totes around personal assistants. These are the people who schedule appointments, answer phone calls the big shot doesn’t want to handle, purchase clothes for their bosses and make sure the pet Bengal Tiger gets his gourmet steak for the day.

But for one day, you can be the personal assistant for someone you love. You can give that special person in your life the Hollywood treatment and without having to worry about a Bengal Tiger eating you. Here’s the best part: This gift would probably cost you very, very little money. It may even be FREE.

Here’s how it would work: You basically offer to be at the person’s beck and call (within reason) for an entire day. Maybe you could at least spare a few hours if this isn’t possible. You find out what they need done and do it. It’s rather straightforward.

This gift could be something extremely helpful for the elderly. Sometimes, Grandma or Grandpa don’t have the physical ability to clean, cook or mow the lawn. The able-bodied could help. They may not be able to drive anymore, and you could take them on a grocery store trip or take the store list to town and do it yourself.

Sometimes, the elderly are lonely, and they would just love for someone to spend a little time with them.

Everyone could use some help, though. People who work crazy hours often have homes reflecting the chaos. Take care of that laundry pile that looks like Mount Everest. If the mess is just beyond horrible, spend the day with that person and give them a hand. You could turn a job that would take that person days to do themselves into something that could be done in one day. This would also help college students who often juggle both work and school.

Parents probably have the toughest jobs, period. They come home from their paying jobs to screaming babies with soiled diapers and toddlers who did their latest crayon masterpiece on the living room wall. If you know parents with young children, offer to be the babysitter for the night. Let Mom and Dad spend a night on the town without having to step in the moment they hear glass shattering.

Kids may not want you to follow them around at all. But do you have any chemistry knowledge? Can you edit an essay? Can you still do algebra? Offer your tutoring services, and I’m sure you’ll be that kid’s new best friend in no time.

You may have to pay out whatever it costs in gas to get to that person’s home and whatever it costs if you have to transport someone or run an errand. Otherwise, this should be a totally free gift almost anyone can appreciate.

Keeping track:

One name draw and price limit

Two wads of cash

Three people asking me what I’d like

Four gas cards

Five personal assistants…

Coming tomorrow: The sixth day of Flat Broke Christmas!


One Response to “Fifth Day of Flat Broke Christmas: Assistant for a day”

  1. Jayne November 18, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    Another winning idea.

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